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Christ: The Heart of Cha Yun Do

06 Jul

2593296_f1024I cannot speak authoritatively about every martial art out there in the world. I have trained formally in only one martial art, Cha Yun Do. I know what it does and why. But I have had many opportunities to compare that to other martial arts.

Cha Yun Do was made by an American, Randy Young. Cha Yun Do is copyrighted and registered with the Copyright Office of United States of America. You can see his HubPages articles at:

The credentials for the Art of Cha Yun Do are as follows: The Christian Martial Arts Fellowship teaches and has taught the Art of Cha Yun Do exclusively since it beginning in 1989. It is recognized and sanctioned by:


Christian Sokeship Federation

• United States Martial Arts Association

• USMA International Board of Martial Arts Masters

Cha Yun Do is copyrighted and registered with the Copyright Office of United States of America is the exclusive property of Randolph A. Young.

Cha Yun Do has a Korean heritage. It is an American martial art. Yet it uses Korean terminology in respect of its origins. There are reasons for this. It gives people an experience in another culture. It also recognizes that Dr. Young relied on some formalities he learned in some Korean martial arts to formulate his American art. Plus, some people feel like it is more “karate like” if there is the foreign terminology.

I know Dr. Young personally. He is a Christian and started Cha Yun Do because he was tired of the influence of Eastern Mysticism he was forced to deal with in other arts. He was very accomplished in several disciplines. He decided to take what he knew from his martial arts training, law enforcement experience, and his Christianity and formulate a new American martial art.

Dr. Young wanted to have something that was fundamentally basic to the way that God made us. So, his guiding philosophy was if it is based on natural motions of the body, this would produce the most power and speed for the technique. There are many martial arts that are not very natural to the human body. We can do them, but they often cause long term issues that will manifest themselves in the practitioner later in life. There are arts that a young person can do, but as they age they have to stop because of the joint or nerve damage done.

“Cha Yun Do” means the “natural way” or “natural art.” So, the motions in this system are designed to follow the natural motions of the body. These motions are not only safer than the techniques of some other types of karate, but in fact they strengthen the body, increase agility, and add flexibility. Some arts use jerky motions that force the joints of the body to absorb force that is not necessary. This can cause problems in the joints.

Cha Yun Do is useful for those that have challenges in their joints and ligaments. The young and elderly alike find this system healthful for their bodies.

Most important is that this is a Christian Martial Art. This art was designed from the very beginning to be based on Christian philosophy and world view. There is no non Biblical mysticism here. At my Cha Yun Do school, you will find prayer requests and prayer before every Eagles Corps Class. There is also Scripture memorization and recitation. We strive for a Christian spirit of community and brotherly love.

While we all pray that we never have to defend ourselves or our families, Eagles Corps Karate (my school) and Cha Yun Do give us tools if God ever calls on us to do so.